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James F (12/30/2018)
The negative review on here is crazy! And I almost wonder if this was posted by someone who was struggling with personal issues and using a negative review as a way to feel better about all his personal conflicts. Dr. Ley has helped me in so many ways. And I know many others who wish to remain anonymous but have been helped by this brilliant man.
Michael Aaron (11/30/2017)
Dr. Ley is a brilliant, world-renowned expert in the fields of psychology and human sexuality. As a clinician, he is warm, curious, open-minded, non-judgmental, and extremely insightful. As an administrator, he is a leading advocate for the mental health rights for the local Albuquerque population he serves. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Anyone would be lucky to work with him.
Karl Buchanan (05/29/2016)
Advocates porn as harmless and "good", intentionally encouraging people to view others as "objects" of personal pleasure. Not human or alive. Beware if you have a marriage or children. This disturbing manipulator is factually creating lonely, empty, less than fully human lives and tomorrow's rapists. Compare his revolting attitudes to others. Get several opinions. A snakes voice is always sweet to hear. Beware.
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