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DB (12/13/2019)
He is very thorough and professional! The office staff are great as well! I really appreciate all of them.
Linda Hull (04/04/2019)
I have been Dr. Stoerner's patient for over five years and have always found him willing to go the extra mile to research and treat the complicated overlap of symptoms from my auto-immune diseases. He takes time to call me when he has results of important tests and spends a great deal of in-office time to answer my questions and address my concerns.
Mandy Harris (12/16/2018)
I went in and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and EDS. The Dr. didn’t even do a blood test for EDS (There is one available!) He refused to believe I grew up where there was Lyme disease and that I had it as a child. (I grew up in Tennessee!). I was born in another state and moved when I was 1 or 2, so for some reason, no matter what I said, he wouldn’t believe I knew where I grew up. He was trying to say I had symptoms I simply didn’t have for EDS. I looked at the diagnostic criteria for it. I just do NOT have any signs of it! I do for Fibromyaligia and he did give me meds, so that’s good, but I called back a couple months later asking if he’d write the diagnosis for me so I could take it to my primary care who can give me referrals to Pain Management. (It has to come from the PCP.) He refused saying, “He doesn’t know for sure I have it, so he won’t say I do.” I literally can’t get care because he refused to say it...after he already told me that I did and even gave me meds for it! I won’t go to a Dr. who doesn’t feel confident in his care and refuses the help I feel I need. He was nice and took his time so I’ll give an extra star for that.
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