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Medicine Chest
D*O*C MOBSTER (09/17/2020)
Excellent service and a judgement free place really like this pharmacy
Meghan Moss Jones (09/09/2020)
Best pharmacy and service in ABQ metro area.
David Torres (09/30/2020)
The owner was very rude and disrespectful to me today. I will not be going back!
Renee Rascon (05/06/2019)
I love the small feel of a neighborhood pharmacy and the medicine chest is the place where I can walk in and out with my medicine without the long wait. The staff is friendly and the counsel is always insightful. Plus Ken is so knowledgeable about meds and illnesses that he also offers suggestions which I like. Hes always helped me out in a pinch of pain and I am ever grateful and thankful.
Monas Adventures (10/01/2019)
Love these guys great service and very very helpful.