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Cathleen (09/30/2020)
LONG WAIT AND NO ENFORCEMENT OF MASK WEARING I don't often write reviews, and in fact, 9 of my other 11 reviews are 5 star reviews. However, I'm taking the time to share my experience in hopes it will bring about some change at this Walgreens. Went in for a scheduled flu vaccine, had an 8:00 appointment. Brought my completed paperwork, confirmation #, and insurance card to expedite the process. My receipt has incorrect information on it; I asked it be corrected and a new receipt given. C., the pharmacy employee, seemed frustrated because she wanted to set it aside, wait on the people behind me, and then get it reprinted for me later. I had already waited 15 minutes past my appointment time and said I would like it now. She was curt and I could hear her complaining to the pharmacist about me. Even after she printed a second receipt, the information was incorrect, and I asked for another correct receipt. It was 8:28 when I finally saw the pharmacist for my vaccine. The long wait itself was frustrating, as I had made the first available appointment and was first in line. But, my big issue, is that the man who was waiting behind me, wore no mask. C., the employee said nothing to him as she waited on him, despite the fact that there was a sign RIGHT THERE saying masks were required. Nor did the store employee who stood behind this man for at least 10 minutes say anything to him. The pharmacist, L., when she gave me the shot, told me she was not allowed to tell customers they must wear a mask in the store. For 20+ minutes this man was in the store and in sight of multiple employees. I asked to see a manager and asked her specifically what the policy was if someone came in the store without a mask and she said she wasn't sure, she would have to check with another manager. SO, tell me why in this age of Covid 19, a Walgreens Store/Pharmacy, says masks are mandatory to enter the store, but does nothing if someone comes in without a mask on. It certainly is a difficult or uneasy task to address this issue with varying opinions on masks. However, this is not a matter of opinion. If it is mandatory, every staff member should know exactly what to do when someone comes into the store not wearing a mask.
Darlene Montoya (09/18/2020)
You can schedule your appointment for a flu shot, but they don't honor the time slot you've chosen. They take first come first serve. Also they don't keep to a schedule. I saw that they were doing things other than giving shots even though people were waiting for their scheduled/non scheduled shot. Poor management.
Brian Welwood (10/15/2019)
My mom was harassed by the store Manager his name was David , my mom wanted to exchange her cosmetics and could not find her receipt and he was hollering at her asking her what her problem was her problem was the rash on her neck from the products. He should not have hollered at her or treated her that way not from a manager of the store. I put in a complaint to the district manager I hope I get a reply because no one should be treated this way.
aprillisetteball (08/24/2019)
Staff is always friendly and willing to help you find what you need.
ScriptKiddie (07/14/2017)
Typical Walgreen's store with a pharmacy, drive thru, and large style convenience store. This location is clean and has plenty of parking. It's in a strip mall with a medium level of selection among the tenets. Large truck parking would be better off parking in the strip mall, IE commercial vehicles and semi's. They had the exact product we came for and I would come here again.
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