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True Light Electric
True Light Electric
Amanda Rohland (10/28/2020)
I’ve recently had the opportunity to work professionally with True Light Electric. They seem to really care about their employees and their families. I recommend them as a place to work or do business any day.
Susan Halbig (10/08/2020)
I would not recommend this company. This was my experience: We were in the process of contacting many companies to get quotes for a job. True Light Electric came to our house and gave a quote for our job, as well as upgrades that were not asked for or required by code. For our own reasons we decided not to go with this company and they were made aware of our decision via a phone call. However, prior to hearing back from us True Light Electric had already called PNM to schedule an appointment under his name. We were not aware of this until our electrician attempted to make an appointment and could not because our address was listed under the True Light company. I called PNM and changed the appointment under our chosen electrician. Today, our electrician was here to do our job and work with PNM for our electrical upgrade. However, PNM did not show up because True Light called PNM yesterday and canceled our appointment. The important thing to note here, is that we never had a signed contract or verbal agreement to work with True Light Electric. Even still they to took it upon themselves to schedule appointments that were not asked for and later interfere with scheduling that I, myself had made. Our job is now pushed back by one month thanks to True Light Electric.
wendy lopez (04/03/2020)
Leon is wonderful. He is efficient and friendly. The prices are reasonable.
Fred Cobley (05/21/2019)
The guy working on my house is very nice, did the job on time, extremely respectful to my elderly mother. Looking forward to my next appt. With them.
Kenneth Pushkin (02/21/2020)
Excellent in every respect.
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