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Highway 70 Self Storage
Highway 70 Self Storage
Highway 70 Self Storage
Highway 70 Self Storage
Highway 70 Self Storage
Highway 70 Self Storage
Highway 70 Self Storage
Highway 70 Self Storage
Highway 70 Self Storage
Highway 70 Self Storage
angela buck (09/11/2020)
Very nice and clean
Jolene DeVille (04/29/2020)
I had a horribly rude customer service experience at another location today, and I chose to come to this location in hopes they could help me because of an emergency need in a storage unit. The young lady that worked the front desk was so kind, and helpful she made me feel welcomed and was diligent in renting me a unit. I would highly recommend Highway 70 Self Storage to anyone needing a unit for their belongings. Thank you Cecilia Robles, you made my day!!!!
Alexandra Cockett (09/05/2020)
Back in the summer, I called to reserve a storage unit and was told to come the next day to the location to make finalizations to my reservation. I went the next day and was told they sold their last unit to a walk-in because the person before forgot to input my request. I had to find a completely new storage unit last minute because of their failure to account for my reservation from the night before. Very inconvenient. Don't think I'd go here again.
Norma Wagner (09/29/2020)
The ladies are always helpful and friendly.
Kevin Wilson (06/22/2019)
Definitely recommend to anyone looking to have a safe, secure, convenient, and affordable place to store belongings. When I first arrived, Candice was very helpful with all the information. I was not sure which size unit I was going to need till I saw them in person. Candice drove me around to ALL the units I was interested in viewing with this facility. I bought renters insurance and since I live in an apartment for the time being, it covers the apt plus the storage unit all for $8 a year! 24 hrs 7 day a week access to unit! "Get out of jail free" card for a late payment! What more do you want?
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