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Stull Storage Units
Stull Storage Units
Stull Storage Units
Stull Storage Units
Stull Storage Units
Stull Storage Units
Stull Storage Units
Stull Storage Units
Stull Storage Units
Stull Storage Units
Donnie Redman (10/24/2020)
Nice clean little but big self storage. The Staff are nice and happy to help. Plenty of security to protect your belongings.
Kevin Palmer (09/02/2020)
Needed storage in between moving. Left town for a week. Came back to town ready to move stuff into my new place. No access. Key card denied. There went 40 bucks for a truck rental that went to waste. There went another 20 bucks for an air mattress because I couldn't get mine out of storage. What response did I get when I notified Stull Storage the next day? "Oops" "computer error ..or maybe I forgot to roll it over" They literally could not care less they made an error.
Jovanni Mejias (06/10/2020)
Great staff!! I appreciate them all I had my stuff in storage for a long time and I had some hard times where they helped around my situation it was greatly appreciated Thank You!!
Dwayne Clark (10/16/2020)
Easy access to storage unit
William Laverde (09/05/2019)
This company has been around awhile, cant be trusted, been a loyal customer for almost 2 years, constantly having to call the office to remind them to pull automatic payments despite having set them up in person. Seems like they keep "missing the payments" so they can take possession of your property and then sell it. Use at your own risk, once a crook always a crook. If payments had been pulled as agreed, we would not have had an issue. I truly hope my property is secure. Ill have to baby sit them for the next 60 days until i return to make sure payment is pulled and they dont take possession of my property. Simple job; ensure property is secure and process payment for said service. Failed miserably.
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