Detailed Information
  • Place Types Storage
  • Address 3415 Harrelson St, Las Cruces, NM 88005, USA
  • Coordinate 32.2737293,-106.7662267
  • Website Unknown
  • Rating 2.2
  • Compound Code 76FM+FG Las Cruces, NM, USA
Andrew Garcia (11/19/2019)
Horrible place to work, extremely cold in winter, unbearably hot in the summer.
Ian Aldred (02/15/2018)
Absolutely terrible place, the manager is a jackass and thinks he is a god that runs everyone’s lives. They put workers in harms way and in horrible inhuman conditions. This company rips of from failing businesses to sell for big profits to hoard for the ones on top. Also do not do any orders from them, they will try to over charge and scam when they can. Would rate zero stars if possible. Someone should inspect this place and shut it down.
Wutroad25 (02/12/2019)
Horrible place to work That’s so called supervisor Mark bear is such a cruel unfair Stuck up hypocritical person Who thinks he’s life is perfect All he does is brag about how much money has all the time no one cares I seen how unfair and How he treats some of the new employees because they make a few mistakes well nobodies perfect and nobody’s going to be perfect and that’s what he wants he’s in the wrong place to be managing maybe Bowlins inc Doesn’t know what kind of a person he is and what he’s doing All he’s doing is making the company look bad
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