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Advanced RV Storage
Advanced RV Storage
Daniel Lara (10/26/2020)
Nice clean and secure place to store your RV. They offer spots that are enclosed, partially enclosed and fully open. They also offer a dump station that stays lite for those late arrival.
joel peterson (05/24/2020)
I have been here only a couple of weeks, but my impression is good. The staff was friendly and helpful, and the area looks clean and kept up. Security gates, fences and cameras look suitable to the job.
Dan Brown (02/01/2020)
Great place for RV storage. Electric. Water. Covered storage. Only real dump station I know of in las cruces.
David Morgan (07/21/2018)
It is a good place to store you property, never had an issue with someone messing with my stuff or anyone else's as far as I know. When we cancelled our agreement and provided them with a written notification that we were not storing there anymore, they didn't get around to processing it for a full month and was billed an additional month in the process. The reasons I was given were not the reasonable/responsible business responses one would expect from a business of any type. It is unimportant to me that your associates are out of town, what is important that you respect the customer enough to apologize for the mix up and process a correction immediately, not at your earliest convenience. If all your customers get treated this way and you expect sympathy for unavailable partners/employees, I would be surprised if you can maintain your operation in the future. The facility is pretty good, the people running it, not so much.
Randy Pittman (11/14/2019)
Safe and secure for a fair price
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