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tom brown (11/02/2020)
There is a woman Pharmacist who works there who goes by Erica or Erin, who doesn't care what time the pharmacy is supposed to open. She may show up 40 minutes late and have a line waiting for the pharmacy to open and she doesn't care. Her time is apparently much more important than a mere customer. If you are one of the customers she's kept waiting I'd suggest sending an email to : [email protected] and detail your issues.
Karen Boyer (11/27/2020)
This pharmacy is awful. They keep delivering my prescription to my old address. I have talked to them time after time regarding my current address and they still get it wrong. I went there last week to pick up 3 prescriptions. I used the drive thru. After I left the drive thru, I realized they had only given me one of my prescriptions. I went back to the drive thru and they asked if I had a question about my prescriptions. I said no, you only gave me one, not three. They laughed and gave me the other two. But not once did they say sorry. A month ago the people who moved into my old address contacted me because CVS sent my prescriptions there. I had to go there to pick them up. CVS couldn't have cared less when I talked to them regarding this issue. They are constantly refilling my prescriptions when I don't need them. I don't know if anyone else has had problems with this location but I'm guessing I'm not the only one. I am planning to go back to the pharmacy in Target on Paseo del Norte. They seem to have everything together.
Kelly C. (09/29/2020)
This is the worst pharmacy I've ever had to deal with in my life. They never answer the phone, I was on hold for 26 minutes just now and had to hang up to get ready for work. My insurance only works with CVS pharmacies or I would switch back to lovely Walgreens pharmacy!!!!!!! Absolutely awful customer service!
Amber Santos (09/28/2020)
A fun game to play with your friends is to call the pharmacy and see who ever has enough patience to stay on the line hoping to get through to the them...because they literally never pick up the phone. But really, if I had the option of calling the pharmacy here and standing in line at the DMV at least I know I'd get out of the DMV sometime in my lifetime.
Joe Salazar (09/22/2020)
I’ve tried calling the pharmacy numerous times. I’ve been on hold each time for over 30 minutes at a time with no answer. A guy just quickly answered the phone and said “can you hold please” I was like I’ve been holding!!! So unprofessional and the worst customer service I’ve seen at a CVS! I’m going back to Walgreens!
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