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LISA ISME (06/08/2019)
Guy and his employees are crooks. The vehicles are always 2 years older than the post. And he will tell you anything until he gets your money then it's an entirely new ballgame. The place is a den of thieves!
David Gurule (02/01/2020)
Weird place .seems like stolen goods sold and bought..not too sure about doing business there
Sandra Gorman (01/29/2017)
Went to see a car that was on Craig's list. The cars on the lot were different then the pics. Higher mileage then info given and very dirty. Obviously they just want to get you to the dealership. They also have temp tags on the vehicles that do not match the description of the vehicles! They should not have a dealers license for long. I hope nobody waste their time like I did. HORRIBLE PLACE!
Md.Naseef-Ur-Rahman Chowdhury (01/02/2020)
The sales person are crooks. They will mislead you. Don't buy cars from them. Even the information they'll provide will be wrong.
Saul Ponce (06/02/2019)
Asked for keys.. No sweat... Waited for me on a walk in...
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