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Jessica Gonzales (10/07/2020)
The location off of San Mateo and Montgomery said my uncles prescription was ready but when we got there the entire place was closed with no explanation. He is in very poor health and we were in a situation where we needed the prescription filled right away. I called this location and a nice young gal really went out of her way to transfer the refill and get it ready in a very short period of time. I am very appreciative of her kindness and willingness to help.
Charlotte Mcilrath (10/26/2020)
My granddaughter and I went in for our annual flu shot and our pharmacist went above and beyond to make my very nervous granddaughter feel at ease, as well as myself. I had a lot of anxiety due to being immunosuppressed but Pharmacist D Lucero made sure we were in and out as quickly as possible. I want to thank all pharmacy staff for their kind, courteous and knowledgeable service. I love this Walgreens! They have been filling my prescriptions and taking care of my families needs for 20 years now. Thank you for always going above and beyond. Stay safe and may God bless Charlotte
Melissa Threet (10/21/2020)
Scheduled online appointments for my parents to receive their flu shots. Arrived for their appointments only to be told they were out of the "Senior" flu vaccine. Nevermind the fact the age was required at the time the appointment was scheduled. No phone call, text or email to say they did not have the vaccine, but no less than 6 text messages and 2 emails reminding us of the appointment. Tina in the Pharmacy is rude, NEVER helpful and is clearly generationally insensitive. Go elsewhere!
green pong (05/30/2020)
As I approached the entrance to this Walgreens I was pleasantly surprised to see a big sign that said nobody would be allowed in without a face covering. Unfortunately, this rule must only be enforced on costumers. I found that the security guard was wearing nothing on his face. Also, he was completely in the way at the checkout line. I had to navigate around him in a way that I felt very uncomfortable and unsafe. No social distancing, no face covering. I expressed my concerns with the cashier but there was no resolution. I got home and called the store and asked for a manager. Jason answered. He said he would leave a message for his boss. He sounded unconcerned and I felt that he was very annoyed with me. I don't know why. My concerns pertain to health. While we were talking he said that he doesn't know why he gets these calls instead of calls about shoplifters. At this point, I felt he was accusing me of shoplifting because at no point prior did I mention shoplifting. This was not resolved and I think Walgreens needs to evaluate these people.
Erin Biddulph (03/06/2020)
This Walgreens pharmacy department, without fail, has been then best for my family. Their staff is always super sweet and helpful. After the ranitidine recall the male pharmacist called around for my son, made sure I knew exactly which store I was going to, transferred the prescription and it was ready before I even made it to the next store. They are always super quick with my prescriptions when I say I’m going to wait. Even when I don’t wait in the store they are speedy. I dropped off an antibiotic script yesterday and told them I would be back for it. I was 2 minutes out of the parking lot and it was ready. This was with a super nice female pharmacist on staff. I live around the corner so this was no big deal. Their techs are always friendly, helpful, and greet you with a smile. Even when there’s a line of 6 people. Everyone always reviews when it’s negative because that’s the society we live in. I can’t rave enough about this locations pharmacy staff! Thanks guys and keep up the good work!
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