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Ghost Ryder (10/06/2020)
Terrible service no help to the customer I just switched to T-Mobile at least the listen an accommodate the customer. They had no interest in helping me resolve any of my issues an when I suggested another service they said that’s a good idea smh
Carlos Contreras (08/03/2020)
Store manager is a fantastic manager she puts her customers before anything else she definitely needs some help she’s always working hard day in day out. RAISE SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT FOR HER.
franco Martincigh (06/09/2020)
Manager is very rude! She's doesn't show up on time then lies about the hours when it clearly states on the window what time they open. Asked for a discount for inconvenience she said she can't yet last time I was in here she was calling friends saying she can waive the fees. I think she is very unprofessional. Find someone better to run the business please.
Camila Torres (03/03/2020)
Manager was a sweet young lady that got me into 5 lines! We will definitely be back with her, shes so nice and definitely worked with our budget! My kids loved her and didn't want to leave. =)
Alien Eden (06/25/2020)
2 Boost stores in Las Cruces. Went to the one by Lowes Fiesta Food and it was closed even tho sign said it was open. Asked a nearby business and they said owner shows up when she feels like it. The other store was great and so were the employees and just down the rode from the first store.
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